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 NEW: NGC 3603 + NGC 3576
 NEW: IC 2944
 NEW: NGC 2516
 NEW: Messier 41
 NEW: IC 2602
 NEW: Messier 47 with satellite flash
 NEW: Messier 46 and NGC 2438
 NEW: 2er Mosaic M46 and M47

 NEW: New telescope for Chamäleon observatory
 NEW: Special project: Transit of the planet Mercury

  NGC 6334, Cat's Paw nebula

 The colorful region around Antares
 ESO 56-115 - The great Magellan cloud
 Saturn Occultation by the moon in march 2014
 NGC 6723 – Starbirth region in the southern corona
 NGC 7293 – the Helix nebula
 Atmospheric phenomena, landscape
 spirit moonlight imaging
  NEW: The partial Moon Eclipse in August

  NEW: Special Projects 20013 - 2016
  NEW:Two "high resolution" Moonatlases - they are a
  completely separate area within our chameleon site

  Moon atlas 1: small and larger lunar structures of volcanic
  Moon atlas 2: usual lunar structures as craters , Rilles
   (grooves) systems, hillsides and mountains

   M 16, the Eagle Nebula
   Open cluster NGC 6383 and Tr 28
   M 6
   M 17, Omega Nebula
   From M 7 to NGC 6444, open cluster in Scorpius
   NGC 3293, open cluster in Carina
   NGC 3532, open cluster in Carina

  Comet Siding Spring passes Mars
  NGC 1977, the Running Man
  Messier 11
  NGC 6302, the Bugnebula
  Giant Sunspot Group AR 2192
  Very high resolution moon images from spring 2014
  Saturn Occultation by the moon in march 2014
  NGC 6231 and Zeta Scorpii
  NGC 104 – 47 Tuc
  Atmospheric moonlight imaging and
  spirit moonlight imaging
  NEU: Messier 20 - the Trifidnebula

  NEW: NGC 6726/27 - star forming region near R Coronae
  NEW: NGC 6822 - Barnards Galaxy
  NEW: NGC 246 in constellation Cetus
  NEW: NGC 253 in constellation Sculptor
  NEW: NGC 288 in constellation Sculptor

   M7 and NGC 6453
   Comet Panstarrs C/2014Q1

  The constellation Orion - a widefield view
  Moon Images Zeiss APQ and Planewave Astrograph
  From Lambda Centauri to Eta Carina - a widefield view
  NGC 2070 the Tarantula nebula- a widefield view
  GUM 31 and NGC 3293
  NGC 3372 - the great Eta Carina complex
  NGC 2070 - the core of the Tarantel nebula
  Center of M42 with protoplanetary discs
  IC 2944 with Thackeray Globules
  GUM 31 part of the Carina complex
  NGC 6164 – 6165 and a Wolf Rayet Stern
  NGC 4755, the Jewel Box
  Center of NGC 3372 with the keyhole nebula
  2007 - Moonrise imaged with the Zeiss APQ
  High Resolution Moon Images 2010

  Only in german language

  Proper motion of nearby stars
  The Minor Planet 9700 PAECH

  Images and miscellaneous