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We are marking the quality of our images (subjective) into four classes, which can be found as colored little squares or circles in the overview images.
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A detailed description about Image Acquisition- and Processing of Webcam imaging the moon can be find at the page Image Acquisition- and Processing. Page will be open in a separate browser window

Sorry, at this time only the image description is only in german language avalaible. Description in english language will follow. Technical and image information are given. Click on the thumbnail images to view a large image (image size most 100% of original image size)
Die Bilder vom 14. und 15.7.2010 zeigen interessante Ansichten des Mare Crisium (2. Bild vom 14.07. zeigt sehr schön das Meeresrücken System in Crisium) und der großen Kraterkette Langrenus, Petavius und Furnerius im Südostquadrant des Moones.


All images was taken with the 6" Zeiss APQ refraktor usung a Astro Physics barlow lens at f = 2400mm. The images show mainly the region around Mare Crisium and the large craters Vendelinus, Langrenus and Petatvius. Around these large features the images show a lot of secondary craterlets.

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