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This website documents our astronomical activities in Namibia. Our primary location is situated at Onjala lodge, roughly 80 km east of Windhoek. Besides our private observatory, Chameleon Observatory, we also have the opportunity to use the Onjala observatory. Additionally, we take pictures at Rooisand observatory which is situated close to the Gamsberg pass. As Rooisand is very close to the Namib desert, weather conditions tend to be better towards the beginning and end of the rainy season than further inland.

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... The pleasure to sit under this splendid scenery -the intense view of the Milky Way from horizon to horizon- and to keep the the guide star controlled in the cross hairs, to perceive by chance here and there a shooting star and to observe more and more Black Clouds, this pleasure never leaves you easily. Up in the sky continues what the country/world down offers: the endless clear expanse of the undisturbed space ...     Wolfgang Sorgenfrey - 2006, Okomitundu, Namibia
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