Moon pictures from July to September 2018

On these pages we show our single frames of the moon, taken in July, August and September.

In total we present 150 very high resolution images taken on a total of 21 days. Most of the raw avi files were taken shortly before sunset or in early dusk. This short period offers the best seeing conditions on Onjala.

All raw avi files were recorded with a ZWO ASI 290 at a pixel size of 2.9 mü in the primary focus (f = 3.900mm) of the Onjala Celestron 14, to calm the seeing, a Baader IR pass filter was inserted into the light beam path.

The raw avi files each consist of 2,000 individual images of which an average of 10% were stacked. Stacking software was AutoStackert, the raw sum images were sharpened with wavelet filters in AviStack. The finishing was done in Photoshop CS 2.
Images - SUN
Images - MOON
Images - DEEPSKY
The individual pictures cover a moon age of 3 days (11.5 %) to 13.5 days (99 %). All pictures show the waxing moon.

Due to the many pictures we have divided the surface structures like craters, mountains, grooves etc. into 4 moon segments.

All pictures show details up to a size between 1.000 and 1.500 meters. Individual images show structures smaller than 1,000 meters.

Also due to the large number of images the moon landscapes are shown under different moon phases and thus under different lighting situations of light and shadow. In the overview images they are sorted according to the increasing age of the moon. The detail shown in the center of the respective picture can be taken from the file names..

To load the respective overviews simply click on the corresponding moon quadrant in the right picture.

Special pictures taken - e.g. under especially favourable libration conditions, craters illuminated at sunrises or spectacular shadow casts - show a separate page "Special" presentaions".

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