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In 2019 me - Wolfgang - spent almost 8 months in the play from mid-February to mid-October in Namibia and mainly on Onjala. My wife Rosi was also there twice x 6 weeks and gave German lessons for prospective tour guides.

Visits from Bernd Gooßmann and Dirk Lucius fall into this period. Bernd has produced great narrow band recordings again and Dirk has tested different cameras and lenses. There was also a 14-day visit by DLR from Berlin in the shape of Dr. Harald Michaelis, who wanted to test some of the equipment (CCD camera) for the Jupiter moon mission JUICE.

II myself had the astronomical supervision of some special groups of visitors, among others a photo travel group and 2 groups of the Natural Science Society from Windhoek. In addition there were astro lessons for the tour guide group of Rosi.

A new portable mount for Chameleon Observatory was put into operation and repair and maintenance work was carried out on both domes.
The picture above is a self-portrait of me at the new portable mount with setting of the constellation Orion.
Jondola and Moritz ...
...2 carpenters on the road ... for repairs and new buildings

                                March 2019 ...
Opening of the new Onjala Kindergarten ... with guest of Chamäleon tours
and 2 permanent teachers
for up to 12 children Rosi and her German class in April
Flying with friends from Pack Safari
... ...I was also allowed to go ... Left Onjala- right Chameleon Observatory
3,5 tons of rubber ...
a Special class tyre change ... at the Bulldozer of the Lodge

                a 24 hour crescent moon
sunset in the bush a rainbow in April
Evening atmosphere
Onjala- and Chamäleon Observatory Evening atmosphere
the baboons ...
were all the time ... very active
cooking Glühwein ...
for the both groups ... of NWG of Windhoek

a rainbow in April
Ash-grey earth light, 36 hours after new moon
rain at sunset
Full moon rise at Rooisand
Zodiacal light on Onjala Sundowner with Rosi
The new portable mount ...
a AstroPhysics MACH 1 ... with thePentax refractor and guide scope
Battery backup energy ...
for power loss new power supplies for the 3- and 4m dome
Crescent moon with moving clouds
a little sand devil in September the "dirty devil" at Sundowner
crashed laptop ...
again and again bird's nests in the 4m domel ... ... and one last Selfi in October

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