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In summer 2018 the entrance hall of the 4 meter dome was renovated, new pictures and graphics were displayed for the visitors of the public stargazing. In addition, a laptop and a large screen were installed. The guests of the lodge are offered a lecture with a short introduction into the southern starry sky when the sky is overcast or the weather is bad.
For the public observation evenings a 25 x 100mm large binocular (Telescope Service Ransburg) with very good optical performance was purchased and installed in front of the 4 meter dome. This allows visitors of larger groups to observe by themselve to shorten waiting times at the big telescope. During the day it can also be used for terrestrial observations.
Moon and Mars
above the 4m dome
Self-portrait of Paech with green laser light Public Stargazing with Mars
above the 4m dome
On July 22nd a complete 22° halo around the 80 % illuminated moon above Onjala could be observed around 10pm. The halo is formed by refraction of the moonlight in hexagonal ice prisms, which have about the same length as width and are completely randomly distributed in the cloud, without a preferred orientation.

Image data:

Date: 22.07.2018
Lens: Tamron 24-70 mm/2.8 Di VC USD at 24 mm f/2.8
Camera: EOS 6D Exposure time: 3.4 s
Location: Chameleon Observatory Onjala Lodge, Namibia
Image Processing: Photoshop CS5

In August we had a visit from Tino, the son of Peter Pack, who brought his flying drone with him and we finally got some aerial photos from the Chameleon and Onjala Observatory.
4m dome with entrance hall In the foreground Chameleon Observatory 3 and 4m dome
Chamäleon Observatory Chamäleon Observatory Onjala Observatory
4by4 driving lession with the "dirty devil"
in sandy terrain
4by4 driving lession with the "dirty devil"
in sandy terrain
Heiners Land Cruiser
during driving lession

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