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 Scenic Landscape, Atmospheric Phenomena and Moonlight Imaging

Each image can be enlarged between 800 and 1280 Pixel by clicking the thumbnail picture

Above: Mercury and the Onjala 3m dome,
taken at nearly full moon at the 4th August

« Left: 2 days old moon with Mercury
and Regulus at the 27th July, taken
with 200mm in late dawn
Milky way and Zodiacal light (Onjala) Milky way and Zodiacal light (Onjala) Milky way above our portable mount (Onjala)
The green scattered light is emitting by the capital Windhoek and from the international airport
Milky way and Zodiacal light
in late twilight (Rooisand)
Milky way with the Magelanic clouds (Rooisand) Milky way at moon light (Rooisand)

Photo session at the camel thorn tree

» right: camel thorn tree with twilight,

Zodiacal light, Jupiter and a meteor
3m dome at sunset Our portable telescops
with the CGEM mount
Test of a new Pentax M1 camera
M8 + M20, 200mm Tele with Fuji M1 Eta Carina, 105mm Pentax with Fuji M1 SMC, 105mm Pentax with Fuji M1
each 12 x 300 seconds at ISO 1.000
Assistance for a team of 22 Chinese TV staff
for a StarGazing live broadcast
direct to China from Rooisand Observatory
The TV cameras LIVE ?
Problematicaly - because no WLAN at Rooisand
Installation of a
live connection to China
Logistic - food and beverages ... ... and a tent "city" for the night
Chamäleopn house get it
own house number ...
... number 27 ... and the Chamäleon team a
"new" (used) car
The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
at the camel thorn tree ...
... and in front of the 4m Onjala dome Workplace at the CGEM mount
This happens if one places
at a wrong place
a cable tie Our cooled EOS 700 DA
at focus at the Pentax scope ...
... the mirror of the EOS 700 DA
after a second of direct sunlight
Flatfiel Imgaing with the Pentax
with the EOS 700 DA
In July we had to do a lot of
maitenance at the 3m dome
Franz at work we had to change the side wheels
of the shutter
Sealing work
Installation of a new floor,
now is telescope operation possible
without any laddar
a new workplace for laptop operation wiring of the dome electric ...
... also the wiring
for the telescope operation ...
... complete new light installation ... ... and a new 80mm finderr/Guider
for the portable telescopes

As well as the 4m dome was a lot to do

Sealing ...

Adjustment of the shutter

also the installation
of a new light control

Replacement of the end switch "Shutter down"

Replacement of the end switch "Shutter down"
and what else ? Of course playing soccer ... ... and some times time for a game drive

Our dome-gecko warm himself at a
cold night on a small power supply...

... and his friends at daytime in the hot sun

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