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NGC 2516 in the constellation of Carina

Description of object:

NGC 2516

NGC 2516 is an open star cluster in the constellation Carina (keel of the ship). Its apparent diameter in the sky is about 30 arcminutes, which is about the size of the full moon seen with the naked eye. NGC 2516 is visually stunning at low magnifications, similar to Herschel's jewel box NGC 4755.

It contains about 80 to 100 stars of which the brightest in the core area are red giant stars of the 5th magnitude. These red giants are at the end of their lives, although the total age of the star cluster is estimated to be only 135 million years. The remaining stars have brightnesses of the 7th magnitude and fainter.

NGC 2516 is classified as type I 3r. Its distance to the solar system is about 1300 light-years, with an apparent diameter of 30 arc minutes this corresponds in real terms to about 12 light-years. NGC 2516 was discovered in 1751 by the French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille

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